Localization HQ Editor



  1. Edit and manage string resources in visual tree
  2. Add foreign languages using lookup editor
  3. Translate multiple string resources in one click
  4. Lock translations for editing
  5. Perform actions on multiple resources
  6. Use Tree or flat structures

Dark Mode

  1. Popular Dark mode is available


  1. Use plugins (import, export, online translation services)
  2. Import resources from multiple languages resx files
  3. Export resources to Microsoft Excel for external translation
  4. Import Microsoft Excel translations from external entity

Code Generator

  1. Save file automatically generates code (strongly typed C#, resX, JSON)
  2. Generated ASP.NET Core code implements system IStringLocalizer
    to be used in Startup.cs and Razor cshtml files

Visual Studio Templates

  1. New Project Wizard ➣ Localization HQ ➣ Project Templates
  2. New Item Wizard ➣ Localization HQ ➣ Item Templates

Nuget Packages

  1. Nuget package for ASP.NET Core and WPF projects
WYSIWYG editor / Edit, Move or Delete string resource(s) in visual tree